HackTM Meta is an experimental CTF-inspired hackathon

Start: 18.05.2020 18:00

Duration: 14 days

Join us on discord for tips and friendly banter

Info + Rules

  • Every day at 18:00 Romanian time a new challenge is published.
  • If you solve the problem and submit the correct solution (aka "flag"), you get points.
  • You can solve the challenges using whatever programming language or platform you see appropriate, on your local machine or in the cloud. All you need to do on this website is to submit the correct answer.
  • The first one to submit the correct solution gets the maximum amount of points for the challenge.
    The number of points awarded for the challenge may decrease in time, depending on the challenge and how many correct solutions were submitted. However, you still get points even if you need one week to submit a solution. You can find details about the scoring in each challenge description and on Discord.
  • No need to worry if you submit a wrong answer. You can review your answer without any penalty.
  • The maximum number of points per challenge depends on its difficulty. Easier problems give you fewer points.
  • You can use whatever programming language you feel appropriate. Some problems may be easier to solve with Javascript, some with C, some might not require a programming language at all.
  • Got questions? Need hints? Join us on Discord

Since this is the first time we're doing this, you might bump into some unintentional errors. If that's the case, please message the admins on Discord.


  • Places 1 - 10: Custom HackTM T-Shirts.
  • Places 1 - 3: Your number of points in extra C0C0 for the real HackTM, in addition to the fancy T-Shirt.
  • 1st Place: A mysterious meta loot crate, in addition to the prizes above.